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About jade-valley

Jade Valley was established in 2011 as a branch of an investment holding to develop a promising sphere of jade mining.

Despite the fact that most today’s investors are focused on innovation and software while missing out many other potential areas, we know that huge funds are still concentrated in the Earth's interior.

Some facts:

  • The demand for jade is about 8,000 tons per year, and this trend is growing.
  • White jade is the most expensive of all kinds of jade. The price for it varies from 2,500 to 5,000 dollars per kilogram.

Jade Valley’s investment policy is focused exactly on the white jade mining. We find deposits of jade licensed at the regional level and invest in their exploitation and increase in the production volume.

The advantage of jade mining, oddly enough, is its outlet market. The main consumer of this mineral is China, as well as other Asian countries, where jade is valued on a par with gold.

Nowadays, Jade Valley invests in 17 deposits, 13 of which are located in Buryatia (an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation). In the near future, we are planning to develop several new fields in Canada and the US, to which end we are now attracting additional investments.

Owing to well-functioning marketing channels and year-round continuous production of jade, we can guarantee all payments on investment plans.

As an investing company, we are sure of the prospects of such an industry as the extraction of natural resources, especially of precious and semi-precious minerals. This is not being our assumption – this is evidenced by the trends of investment market and persistent indices of precious and semi-precious materials.

In the long term, the company plans extensive investment in diamond mining in Africa. Once we are ready, we will inform all our investors about this promising opportunity.

We are looking forward to cooperating with all those who, like us, believe that natural resources are just like money under our feet. We would like to round up the company profile of Jade Valley with an old Asian saying, which proves the correctness of the chosen strategy once again: ‘Gold has a price, jade is priceless.’