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For partners

Jade mining is a highly competitive environment with an exhaustible limit and opportunities, where financing in the exploitation comes first. Not to lose momentum and ensure a continuous flow of investment, Jade Valley launched a two-level referral program.

How to become a member of the referral program

  • Participation in the program is not mandatory. You can just enjoy receiving dividends from the deposit made. After you register on the website, you will have the opportunity to attract new investors, but in order to receive a reward for a fresh investor involved, you must use a special referral link, which will be your unique identifier. The link will be available in your personal account.
for partners
  • 7%
  • 2%

For each new investor who uses your referral link upon registration you will receive a reward of 7% of the investment made by the first user.

for reprensentatives
  • 10%
  • 2%
  • 1%

This is another option for cooperation, but in a more advanced form. In this case, you will become an official partner of the company with the right to use the Jade Valley brand to provide detailed information about the company's activities and philosophy.

Remuneration is 10% of the investment amount made by the first attracted investor, 2% for the investors attracted by your first one and 1% of the investment of the third level of the attracted investors.

obligation 500 dollars active or 0.25 btc

If in the first case it is just a partnership with the aim of attracting new investments, in the second case it means compensation for shortage of labor and expansion of the geographical spread of the company’s employees. After all, the problem of understanding the language of clients is very common because of the international nature of business. You can help us understand our customers better by speaking their language on our behalf.

Important note!

The partnership status is available only if the amount of your investments starts from $500.